Monday, September 22, 2008

Fluttering Shutters

Musical Reflections Pleides
Press Play :)


Sweet Repose said...

I first heard of the Pleides while visiting Greyscale Territory and immediately sat down to my dictionary to find these strange cool...did you just start this blog???

Thanks for stopping by, I like your haiku too. I just recently started putting my words to form as encouraged by Gemma @ Greyscale and have been writing ever since.

Funny what this blog world brings out in a person.


paisley said...

i think this is the first time i have seen a video presentation in answer to one of the prompts on friday five... bravo... what a great medium....

thank you for dropping in over at why paisley,, and i just wanted to let you know secret secret is alive and well and can be accessed thru the rss link on the top of my page or in todays post if you no longer have the link... love to have you!!!!!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Love this!

carole alexander said...

I love this musical response to the Pleides prompt.If you are new to blogging then welcome.

Thanks for stopping by at 'watermaid'. I also like your haiku. I have a tanka on my 'disturbing the dust' blog in response to onesingleimpression's 'autumn' prommpt.

Michelle Johnson said...

What a great response to the Friday 5 words. I'm with Paisley, no one has done a video response to the F5 before. And, thanks for stopping by Poefusion, as well. Hope you will stop by again sometime soon. Have a nice day, Still.

B. Roan said...

Nice blog presentation you've put together. I really enjoyed the music video. Thank you for your visit to mine. BJ