Sunday, November 30, 2014

Just Some Beauty

Only A Dream.................................................. Just Some Beauty.
beauty was all in view
each soul had unseen awe
the eye could only see purity
love. all seen with this eye
all knowing wisdom seer
unnamed is mostly gone now
beauty was all the eye could see
love, all inclusive sensual
significances and purities
was all the eye could see
all knowing wisdom
mostly gone now
it was just some dream
perhaps a present would
have to suffice
all the seer ever
wanted was someone who
would never let go...
so all the eye
could see were the ones
running away or walking away
some drifted, a few died,
but they all went away
the eye determined
in infinite wisdom only
one would never let
go, as the seer goes
slowly blind
resorting to only an ear
to seer with             can 
occasionally hear the
one who will not let go
the one who does not
run away, walk away 
or drift away, all will die
that is the only way
even then the One
will not let go He
rushes in to share
His glee with all
the world in all
the universe
for all to
see Him
only then
all realize how
all were really blind 
Photo from Biltmore House...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Only 2 Old Sages

Only 2 Old Sages
Two bookcases remain
Cajoled she donates
Read for your laps
A lap top of course
Slow but has light
Can be out of sight
Hours of reading
Many hours typing
Missing hard pages
           Only 2 like old Sages
Picture by Claudia Schoenfeld

Agony In The Congo

leaving,run to sleep in the bush
open air like an animal, lush

cannot tell where, I am hidden
whereabouts unknown, forbidden

some parents were tortured, told
death comes either way, so cold

my friends gone, taken from school
bodies are found, piled in a red pool

arms, legs, and heads, separated
nightly, young girls are penetrated

death screams through the night
searching daily, places in the light  

I am ten years old, no more class
churches burned, no more mass

both parents are dead, I have to work
girls gather firewood to sell, rebels lurk

found, trying to run, two men stand there
screaming, at me, wishing I’d disappear

trying to run, but I am held down, clothes off
both take turns raping me, hear them scoff

beaten with fists, bleeding, I have no motion
feeling warmth, hot blood flows, like an ocean

sensing someone is looking at me, screaming
my arms, legs have been cut, all black, fading

light appears, alive and agony, emotionless
I am no longer in the woods, I am motionless

someone brought me to a clinic somewhere
seeing people I am afraid, skin hurts from air

only have one arm, two knees, an elbow left
many days I could do nothing, so then I slept

soon I was moved to another place, with others
but none were like me, no fathers and mothers

others were playing, we all had some school
I live in a wheeled chair, finally, a good tool

everyday is not good, I have no legs & no arm
everyday beaten, by the other children, so harm  

I hate each day wondering about this long war
all my days in the Congo, no freedom, no door

food is very rare we eat once a day, how to get food
an older boy gathers wood to sell, he knows he should

tomorrow may not come, agony, I wish today was over
my daily beating will come as agony as children hover

*Research is from You Tube interviews when

Children of War Speak is searched.

These children are from the Congo where

life is suffered in daily fear and death

and tomorrows may or may not come.

I did not go into details of the sexual assaults

because I would have to put an adult rating

on the write and the website.

**There are child soldiers interviews also and

as I said some take a minimum of 3 years

just to adjust to safe neighborhoods

And are relocated all over the world from

the Congo of Africa and other parts of Africa

and South America.